Friday, January 22, 2010

Configuring WAMP on port 8080

WAMP - Windows+Apache+MySQL+PHP is a commonly used testing platform for PHP developers.

By default, the WAMP package comes configured for port 80 on the localhost. This can be a problem for users who have IIS or other applications like skype running on port 80.

This tutorial focuses on configuring WAMP on port 8080 on the localhost. Why 8080? Technically it can be any legally allowed port number. 8080 is a common choice for the developers.

I have carefully divided this tutorial into the following sections with illustrations. Please click on the following links sequentially.

  1. Installing WAMP and the port 80 problem
  2. Tweaking the Apache Configuration
  3. Tweaking the WAMP manager configuration
  4. Tweaking phpMyAdmin configuration (long but simple process)
Finally, when you login to the phpMyAdmin interface you should have a screen that resembles the following:

Good luck developing in WAMP.


Frank D'Amico said...

Excellent post, it was very helpful. Thank you.

ThisGuyIsAMoron said...

Very good post with excellent detail and solid information.

Thank you for taking the time to create this!

Max Qubit said...

Excellent stuff. I installed WAMP, and quickly discovered I needed it to run on port 8080 (because IIS was on 80). So Gooogle brought me here, and your post was just what I needed. A big time saver. Thx!